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We could carve out a bit of the world

and build up our own little Heaven.

Deanna Pruitt

I am...

...a mess of contradictions. My head is in the clouds while my feet are on the ground.

...a girl who doesn't believe in leaving things to chance. I make my own luck and form my own fate.

...full of dry wit. If my words come off as offensive and rude, I probably didn't mean it that way.

...a geek. A nerd. A whatever-word-there-is-for-that-these-days. And you know what? I'm completely cool with this.

...hard-hearted. But even the coldest of hearts can be melted with just the right touch.

...soft-spoken. Yet I will not be silent when there are wrongs to be righted.

...imaginative. There's so much I wish to capture, to get down on paper, for it only to fade back into the recesses of my mind.

...unique. I will not be anything or anyone but who and what I wish to be, regardless of what others think I should be.

...in love with my fandoms. I have my loved and hated characters and moments. I have my pairings/threesomes/moresomes that I support, even if they would never come about in canon. I also know that every person has their own opinions that they are entitled to. I have no qualms with anyone who disagrees with my views, but if all you can do is bash, I ask you to save your breath.

...an avid reader. Whether it be novels or manga or fanfiction, as long as it pertains to and/or piques my interests, I'll read it straight through.

...entertained by the occasional debate, as long as the topic is not religion or politics, because those are debates that nobody ever wins.

...thinking of trying out Dungeons and Dragons. Kind of a difficult thing to do when everyone you know either knows nothing about it, or knows it and has no interest.

I am not the person that I was yesterday, and I am not yet the person that I will be tomorrow. I am only who I stand as today, and for that, I have no regrets.

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